Graduate Student Handbook

Read the Department of Criminal Justice Graduate Student Handbook by following the chapter-by-chapter links on this page.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Department Mission Statement

III. Admission Procedures

  1.  Regular Admission and Conditional Admission
  2.  Non-Degree Admission
  3.  Expedited Admission

IV. Advising and Registration

V. Assistantships and Fellowships

VI. Degree Requirements

  1.    Core Requirements
  2.    Independent Study
  3.    External Graduate Courses at The University of Alabama
  4.    400-Level Course Work
  5.    Transfer of Credit
  6.    Internships
  7.    Course Planning for Degree Completion in 4 Semesters

VII. Thesis Requirements

  1.    Thesis committee
  2.    Thesis submission
  3.    Beginning Work on a Thesis
  4.    The Thesis
  5.    Thesis Outline

VIII. Non-Thesis Requirements

  1. Practicum Requirements
  2. Policy and Practice Paper Requirements

IX. Academic Progress

  1.  Academic Suspension
  2.  Reinstatement
  3.  Incompletes
  4.  Withdraw from a Course

X. Graduation Requirements

  1.  Grade Point Average
  2.  Credit Tenure
  3.  Application for Degree
  4.  Fulfillment of Degree Requirements

XI. Academic Integrity Policy

APPENDIX A: Relevant University Rules and Regulations

Revised February 2023 

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