X. Graduation Requirements

1.  Grade Point Average

The student must have a cumulative average of not less than “B” in graduate courses undertaken at The University of Alabama.  At least 75% of the hours taken must have been completed with grades of not less than “B.”  Grades below “C” are counted in computing scholastic averages, but do not carry credit toward the degree.

2.  Credit Tenure

All credit toward the master’s degree must have been earned during the six years immediately preceding the date on which the degree is awarded.

3.  Application for Degree

The student must file an Application for Degree with the Graduate School (through myBama) no later than the registration period for the semester or the first term of the Summer session in which requirements for the degree are to be completed.

4.  Fulfillment of Degree Requirements

All coursework and degree plans expire at the end of SIX YEARS.  A student must complete all degree requirements within six years from the date that he/she enrolls in graduate coursework. If degree requirements are not completed within six years, he/she may reapply to the Graduate School but all coursework taken may not be applied toward the degree (only the coursework that the Graduate School allows).  If a student fails to register for 3 consecutive years, the student must reapply for admission (only the coursework that the Graduate School allows can be applied toward the degree).

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