Undergraduate Advising

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CCJ Advisors provide academic and career advising throughout the academic year. During the month before registration and through the beginning of sophomore registration, advisors only advise for the next semester’s registration. Career and other academic advising appointments should be made outside of the registration advising windows. During the summer, advising is done by the College of Arts & Sciences advisors:

Spring Advising for Fall 2024 Registration

  • Seniors: Advising appointments for seniors begin March 4th, 2024.
    • Seniors graduating during the upcoming 2022-2023 year will be given preference during this time.
    • Seniors should also begin the process of applying for graduation through the Office of Registrar website during their final year: https://registrar.ua.edu/graduation/
  • Juniors: Advising appointments for juniors begin March 18th, 2024.
  • Sophomores: Advising appointments for sophomores begin March 25th, 2024.
  • Make-up Advising: Make-up advising appointments begin April 1st, 2024.

All freshman, first-year students, and transfer students must be advised by an A&S advisor. You can make an appointment with A&S Advising here: https://as.ua.edu/student-services/make-an-appointment/

Advisor Assignments

NOTE: Your advisor will have changed this semester.  Please read the following carefully.

If you are a Distance Learning student, your advisor is Cheyenne Selby.  If you have a Cyber Crime minor, your advisor is Kellin TreadwayAll other students are assigned to an advisor based on the first five letters of their last name. For instance, if your last name is “Jones,” your advisor is DeAndré Fields. Your assigned advisor is the only person authorized to advise you and clear your PIN. Please do not contact any advisor other than the person you are assigned to below:

Advisors are very busy during registration time. Please make sure to attend your scheduled appointments and expect possible delays in email response times.

Student Registration Dates/Times

  • The Spring 2024 registration period begins March 25th, 2024.
  • To view the specific date and time you will be able to register for classes, visit the Registrar’s Office website for more information.

Distance Learning (DL) CCJ Students

If you are a Distance Learning (DL) student, please visit our Distance Learning page for advising and program-specific information.