Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

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Spring 2021 Advising Period


CJ Department advisors begin advising students approximately two weeks prior to and throughout the registration period. They do not advise throughout the entire semester. If you need assistance outside of the advising period described below, please make an appointment with A&S Advising: https://as.ua.edu/student-services/make-an-appointment/

  • CJ student advising will take place from March 1st through April 9th.
  • Seniors: advising appointments for seniors begin the first week of March. Seniors graduating during the upcoming 2021-2022 year will be given preference for appointments.
  • Sophomores and Juniors:advising appointments for all other students will begin the second week of March up until the close of registration.
  • All freshmen will be advisors by an A&S advisor until their sophomore year. You can make an appointment with A&S here: https://as.ua.edu/student-services/make-an-appointment/

Student Registration Dates/Times

  • The Spring 2021 registration period is March 15th  through April 9th.
  • To view the specific date and time you will be able to register for classes, visit the Registrar’s Office website on or after March 1st.

Advisor Assignments

Students are assigned to an advisor based upon the first letter of their last name. For instance, if your last name is “Smith,” your advisor is Lauren Yearout. Your assigned advisor is the only person authorized to advise you. Please do not contact any advisor other than the person you are assigned to below:

If you are a Distance Learning (DL) student, your advisor is Patrick Farris: make an appointment.

Virtual Advising

Adhering to The University of Alabama’s COVID-19 social distancing policies, the following protocol is now in place:

Important Advising Policies

Repeat Appointments: Students are only allowed to meet with their advisor ONCE during the registration period. If you need to meet with your advisor again, you will have to wait until after registration closes. Please email your advisor for more information.

Cancellations/No-shows: If you cancel or miss your advising appointment, you will have to wait until the last week of registration to meet with their advisor.

If you have any advising questions, please contact your advisor or the Undergraduate Director, Dr. Brittany Gilmer at bvgilmer@ua.edu.

Distance Learning (DL) CCJ Students

If you are a Distance Learning (DL) student, please visit our Distance Learning page for advising and program-specific information.