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What can you do with a degree in criminal justice?

Studying criminology and criminal justice can be the starting point for many fulfilling and interesting careers. All of our faculty are ready and able to guide you in preparing for a career after college. Explore our career information guides to find out more about careers in criminology and criminal justice and start your career planning:

Visit the resources page for lists of links to local, state, and federal agencies and job postings.

If you’d like to print this information in one big batch, download the 37-page PDF version, “Careers in Criminal Justice.”

Alumni Career Paths

Our alumni have gone on to work as police officers, attorneys, forensic investigators, and more. Visit our alumni profiles to learn more about jobs held by alumni.

Undergraduate Internships

Internships provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to conduct career exploration and build a record of experience in the field. Many of our students complete for-credit internships. These internships provide an opportunity for you to extend your knowledge about the inner workings of criminal justice agencies from the classroom to the field. Students who complete internships are able to

  • understand how to apply principles, concepts, and theories that they learned in criminology and criminal justice courses to the practical work experience in the field of criminal justice
  • recognize how much of what they learned in the classroom is consistent or inconsistent with the actual practice of criminal justice officials who work within criminal justice agencies
  • gain meaningful work experience in a criminal justice agency that aids in securing employment
  • experience the opportunity to interact with criminal justice professionals, observe their behavior, and develop oral and written communication skills that accelerate both personal and professional development

A variety of internship placement opportunities are available in state agencies and federal agencies. If you are interested in completing a for-credit internship through the Department of . Criminology and Criminal Justice, contact our internship director, Doug Klutz.

Students participating in the internship program will need to complete an internship form and return it to Mr. Klutz.

Top Internship Placements in Tuscaloosa