Criminology and Criminal Justice Summer Intensive

student organizing lab materialsInterested in a minor you can complete in one summer? Need a career-centered minor to balance your major? Looking for a unique, immersive summer experience?

The Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice’s intensive summer minor program will give students the opportunity to complete a minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice in just one summer. This minor can be paired with a variety of majors and may be of particular interest to students who wish to balance their majors with a career-centered minor.  Such an addition to a student’s education may open career opportunities in justice-related fields.

Course Details

  • REQUIRED – CJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice

An overview of the criminal justice system with emphasis on the roles and problems of law enforcement, courts, and correctional components. CJ 100 is a prerequisite for all 300- and 400-level criminal justice courses.

Successful completion of this course is required before starting the summer intensive minor program. CJ 100 is offered online during Winter Interim and both in person and online during Spring 2019.

  • REQUIRED – CJ 290 Proseminar in Criminology and Criminal Justice (3 credits) taught in Maymester

This course provides an overview of key issues in criminology and criminal justice for students enrolled in the Summer Intensive Minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice program.  Beyond providing an in-depth introduction to the field, the course will examine the overlap between criminology, criminal justice, and other fields of study.  It will also introduce students to a broad array of criminology and criminal justice-related careers.

               AND EITHER

  • The student’s choice of two electives in Summer 1 and two electives in Summer 2 from any of those offered in the Department.  Options may include…
    • CJ 290 Special Topics in Criminal Justice: Religion, Crime, and Criminal Justice
    • CJ 303 Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
    • CJ 304 Gender and Crime
    • CJ 425 Domestic Violence
    • CJ 483 Law and Society
    • CJ 490 Media and Crime
    • CJ 490 The Problem of Torture in Counterterrorism
    • CJ 490 Constitutional Law
    • CJ 490 Ethical Decisions and Dilemmas in Criminal Justice


  • The student’s choice of one elective in Summer 1, one elective in Summer 2, and 6 hours of internship across the full summer term.

More Information

Students who wish to learn more about the program are encouraged to contact Dr. Lesley Reid.

Students who wish to apply for the Summer Intensive Minor Program will need to complete the application form.