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Departmental Forms:

Students with more than 45 credit hours may petition to enroll in CJ 100 but are required to provide justification for enrollment. Each request will be reviewed for decision. Note that submitting a form does not guarantee a permit from the department.

Fall 2022 CJ 100 request

Undergraduate and Graduate students can use this form to request independent study and thesis credits. Students must seek approval from an instructor willing to supervise independent study prior to submitting the form.

Independent Study/Thesis Request


Arts & Science Forms:

A&S students who are requesting to register for a class after the last day to add for the semester should submit the late add request through the Late Add Request (instructor permission required) link. Note that Instructor approval is required, and written documentation of the approval must be submitted with the form request.


A&S students who are requesting to register for over 18 hours should submit the request through the Max Hour Override Request link. Note that there are GPA requirements to be eligible to take over 18 hours. Submitting your information through this link does not guarantee approval.