Cyber Criminology Minor

student working on computer equipmentThe Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice would like to offer you a warm welcome and pass along some key information to get you started.

The Cyber Criminology Minor is housed in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, but it combines courses from a number of disciplines, including Management and Information Sciences, Accounting, and Psychology. The minor is comprised of 12 core credits and 6 elective credits. Elective courses may be chosen from an ever-growing list of options, including an internship with UAPD’s digital forensics lab and CCJ’s Network Intrusion Lab, both located on the UA campus.

Information about the internship program can be found on the Digital Forensics and Darknet Investigations website.

You will find a list of courses in the Cyber Criminology minor in the UA Undergraduate Catalog. However, it is critical that you read and understand the following important items in order to successfully complete the minor:

  • The minor is designed to be completed in no less than 18 months.  If you plan on graduating in less than three full semesters (not including summer semesters), you likely will not be able to complete this minor.
  • CC 301 (required) is only offered during the spring semesters to juniors and seniors (those with 61+ earned credit hours at the time of registration).
  • CC 401 (required) is only offered during the fall semesters to juniors and seniors (those with 61+ earned credit hours at the time of registration).
  • CC 301 and CC 401 are not required to be sequential (meaning, it is perfectly fine to take CC 401 prior to taking CC 301).
  • Of the available electives, CC 201 is the prerequisite for all CC elective courses except PY 368 and MIS 460. PY 368 requires the successful completion of PY 101 or PY 105. See the course catalog for the list of prerequisites required for MIS 460.
  • Enrollment in CC 402 (Digital Forensic Investigation) requires special permission from the course instructor. If you are interested in taking this course, visit this website for more information. CC 402 is quite technical in nature, so it is typically reserved for students who are seriously interested in digital forensics and think they might want to pursue a career in the field or are interested in going into grad school the following year.
  • You need 18 unique hours counting toward this minor; classes cannot count towards both a major and a minor. For instance, CJ 300 cannot count towards the CJ major and the CC minor. It can only count towards one or the other.

Recent Announcements

MIS 460 has been added as a CC elective, but this will not show up on the UA Course Catalogue until 2020-2021.

Feel free to contact your advisor, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, or the Cyber Minor Advising Coordinator/Cyber Internship Director with any questions.

Welcome to the minor and Roll Tide!