5th Department Undergraduate Research Competition

The Department of Criminal Justice recently held its 5th Undergraduate Research Competition. Students presented their original research in a number of exciting areas.


Danielle Crimmins, “Are Southern Belles and Southern Gentlemen Sexting?” (faculty mentor: Dr. Kate Seigfried-Spellar)


Kasi Smart, “Social Inequality After the Tornado: A Critical Analysis of Rebuilding Efforts” (faculty mentor: Dr. Ariane Prohaska)


Kellin Treadway and Emily Schmidt, “Pirates, Hackers, and Virus-Writers – Oh My!” (faculty mentor: Dr. Kate Seigfried-Spellar)


Amelia Warriner, “Homosexuals in the South” (faculty mentor: Dr. Hobson Bryan)

Results: Kasi Smart won 1st place, Amelia Warriner won 2nd place, and Danielle Crimmins and Kellin Treadway won 3rd place. Congrats to these excellent students!

Kasi Smart- 1st place winner

Above: Kasi Smart with her award

Above: Amelia Warriner with her award

Kellin Treadway- 3rd place winner

Above: Kellin Treadway with her award

Danielle Crimmins - 3rd place winner

Above: Danielle Crimmins with her award