Dr. Lesley Reid’s Research on Immigration Goes Viral

Dr. Robert Adelman, of the University at Buffalo [NY]; Gail Markle, of Kennesaw State University; Charles Jaret, of Georgia State University; Saskia Weiss, an independent scholar; and Dr. Lesley Reid, chair of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama, explored the links between immigration and crime. They sampled forty years of crime statistics from 200 metropolitan areas and concluded that demographic changes through immigration do not lead to increases in crime. In fact, the data indicated crime decreases in many areas with an influx of immigrants and that foreign-born individuals are overall less likely to commit crimes than their native born counterparts.

This research, which originally appeared in The Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, was picked up by the popular press and was featured in publications including The Huffington Post, The Conversation, Skeptical Science, and Scientific American.