Dr. Lankford Returns from Prolific Sabbatical

Dr. Adam Lankford spent the Fall 2015 semester focusing specifically on research. He returned having published a number of new articles. Among them are “Are There Reasons for Optimism in  the Battle Against Sexual Assault?” in Sociology Compass; “Are America’s Public Mass Shooters Unique? A Comparative Analysis of Offenders in the United States and Other Countries” in the International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice; “Race and Mass Murder in the United States: A Social Behavioral Analysis” in Current Sociology; “Mass Murderers in the United States: Predictors of Offender Deaths” in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology; and “Is Suicide Terrorism Really the Product of an Evolved Sacrificial Tendency? A Review of Mammalian Research and Application of Evolutionary Theory” in Comprehensive Psychology. In addition, he has been cited in or interviewed by dozens of news sources over the past several months.