Dr. Ghazi-Tehrani recognized by American Society of Criminology

Associate Professor Adam Ghazi-Tehrani

Dr. Adam Ghazi-Tehrani, associate professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice has been honored with two awards from the American Society of Criminology Division of White-Collar & Corporate Crime:

Wayward Dragon Book CoverWayward Dragon provides a comparative criminological analysis of white-collar and corporate crime in China that considers current and future impacts of such lawbreaking on the country, neighboring regions and the world. The book examines the effects of China’s political changes, economic reforms and resulting degradation of norms on lawbreaking through in-depth case histories involving environmental pollution, financial fraud, crime against consumers, government crime, medical fraud, corporate crime, institutional corruption, securities fraud, corruption of government officials and unsafe products. International reviewers characterized it as “brilliant,” “ground-breaking,” “unique,” “a major contribution,” “thorough and engaging,” “an important scholarly work” and “book of the year.”

The article “In-Your-Face Watergate” examines major events in the Trump presidency that preceded January 6th through the lens of white-collar criminology and sociological theories of deviance neutralization. Already cited numerous times in books, articles and chapters, the journal’s Altmetric shows that it was one of the most widely cited articles in social media from 2021–2022. Reviewers described it as ” a devastating indictment,” “a brilliant article,” “ very useful for anyone in the sociology of deviance and criminology generally” and “a powerful and important piece of top-quality scholarship whose subject matter has direct implications far beyond its central explanatory framework of white-collar criminality.”