Dr. Bronwen Lichtenstein’s Research Provides Insights Into HIV Positive Adolescents’ Sexual Disclosure for Clinical Practice

Dr. Lichtenstein, in collaboration with Cynthia Rodgers, Lauren E. Bahr Marhefka, Marla D. Hinson, Dayna Cook-Heard, Stephen D. Rygiel, and Marsha S. Sturdevant, has authored an article “Two vignettes of adolescent sexual disclosure: guidance for HIV clinical practice” that appears in the current issue of Journal of Infection Prevention.  The article offers practical guidance for counselling HIV-positive adolescents about sexual disclosure in clinical settings and for building confidence in managing sexual lives with HIV. Two vignettes are employed to illustrate key differences between perinatally and sexually infected adolescents’ readiness to disclose their HIV status. The authors provide a tool box of strategies that can be tailored to serve each group.