Doctoral Student Brad Barber & Dr. Bronwen Lichtenstein Work to Educate Parolees and Probationers about HIV

Dr. Bronwen Lichtenstein of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice  and Social Work student Brad Barber have been working to close the educational gap created by diverting felons from prisons, which have HIV education class, into community programs. This population is at an unusually high risk of HIV and often lacks basic information about its transmission and prevention. Mr. Barber and Dr. Lichtenstein collaborated with the West Alabama AIDs Outreach and Tuscaloosa Parole and Probation Office to provide testing and education. The findings of this intervention were recently published in the top scholastic journal in AIDS research, the Journal of the International AIDS Society, and have been well received by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Additional coverage of their efforts can be found on the UA News site, and an abstract of their research findings can be found on the Journal of the International AIDS society site.