Dr. Lesley Reid

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

  • email: lwreid@ua.edu
  • phone (205) 348-6304
  • office location 254 Rose Administration


  • Ph.D., Tulane University, 2000
  • M.A., Tulane University, 1997
  • B.A., Wake Forest University, 1993

Research Areas

  • Neighborhood and situational correlates of crime
  • Immigration and crime
  • Fear of crime


Research Interests

    • Neighborhood and situational correlates of crime
    • Immigration and crime
    • Fear of crime

Selected Publications


      • Crime in the City: A Political and Economic Analysis of Urban Crime. Lesley Williams Reid. 2003. New York, NY: LFB Press.


      • “Assessing the Relationships between Past Victimization, Perceived Risk of Future Victimization, and Planned Protective Strategies Using Structural Equation Modeling.”  Matthew Dolliver, Jennifer Kenney, and Lesley Williams Reid.  2022.  Criminal Justice Policy Review.  33: 74-98.
      • “Using Estimates of Undocumented Immigrants to Study the Immigration-Crime Relationship.”  Robert Adelman, Yulin Yang, Lesley Williams Reid, Mike Maciag, and James D. Bachmeier.  2021.  Journal of Crime and Justice. 44: 375-400.
      • “Examining the Relationship Between Media Consumption, Fear of Crime, and Support for Controversial Criminal Justice Polices Using a Nationally Representative Sample.” Matthew Dolliver, Jennifer Kenney, Lesley Williams Reid, and Ariane Prohaska. 2018. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. 34: 399-420.
      • “New Directions in Research on Immigration, Crime, Law, and Justice.” Robert M. Adelman, Charis E. Kubrin, Graham C. Ousey, and Lesley Williams Reid. 2018. Migration Letters 15: 139-146.
      • “Urban Crime Rates and the Changing Face of Immigration: Evidence Across Four Decades.” Robert M. Adelman, Lesley Williams Reid, Gail Markle, Saskia Weiss, and Charles Jaret. 2017. Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice 15: 52-77.