Dr. Zabyelina wins Outstanding Book Award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Dr. Yuliya Zabyelina, associate professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at The University of Alabama, has won the Outstanding Book Award from the international section of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Her new book, Between Immunity and Impunity: External Accountability of Political Elites for Transnational Crime, was recently published by Cambridge University Press.

The ACJS awards committee commended Dr. Zabyelina for her book’s “exceptional methodological research and writing quality.” As they explained, “You have provided an insightful portrayal of organized crime, transnational issues, and corruption within legal systems, offering a clear and comprehensive depiction of the shortcomings in the justice delivery system and the lack of fairness and equity for these criminals.”

Book description:

“How do top-level public officials take advantage of immunity from foreign jurisdiction afforded to them by international law? How does the immunity entitlement allow them to thwart investigations and trial proceedings in foreign courts? What responses exist to prevent and punish such conduct? In Between Immunity and Impunity, Yuliya Zabyelina unravels the intricate layers of impunity of political elites complicit in transnational crimes. By examining cases of trafficking in persons and drugs, corruption, and money laundering that implicate heads of state and of government, ministers, diplomats, and international civil servants, she shows that, despite the potential of international law immunity to impede or delay justice, there are prominent instruments of external accountability. Accessible and compelling, this book provides novel insights for readers interested in the close-knit bond between power, illicit wealth, and impunity.”