Dr. Adam Lankford named Chair of Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

I’m excited to be serving as the new chair of the Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice at The University of Alabama. This is my 15th year in the department, and although we continue to grow in many ways, it is also great to appreciate our history.

We have thousands of terrific people who have graduated from our program, but we have not always done the best job staying in contact. I’d like to change that. Please consider reaching out to me by email (adam.lankford@ua.edu) or following our department’s Twitter page ( twitter.com/cjatua ) or Facebook page ( facebook.com/CCJatUA/ ), where we’ll post updates about exciting things going on with our faculty and students.

In my experience, The University of Alabama is a place with almost limitless potential. So much can be accomplished here. For instance, advances in technology have made it easy for me to collaborate with scholars thousands of miles away, and advances in information dissemination have led to my research being cited by The White House, by every major media outlet in the United States, and by news organizations from over 40 countries. I have also loved teaching a wide range of students whose thought-provoking insights have helped me learn alongside them. In addition, many of my fellow faculty members are similarly highly-respected experts in their areas of specialization, and many of our alumni have enjoyed tremendously successful and impressive careers.

You can read more about their accomplishments in our newsletter and build connections with them for the future.