A message from Dr. Dorr Associate Dean Social Sciences, Interim Chair Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Professor



Greetings from the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice’s interim chair.  I have served as the divisional associate dean over the department since 2013.  I have watched it grow in the number of faculty and instructors, the number of students it serves, and in the range of topics taught and examined through research in that time.  It gives me very great pleasure to be able to serve the department this year as chair.

As this newsletter shows, things in the department have hardly slowed since the pandemic.  We continue to serve one of the largest groups of undergraduate majors in the College of Arts and Sciences.  We welcomed Dr. Yi-Ting Chua this year to join our faculty, and are currently engaged in searches to bring two additional faculty members to the department.  We are particularly proud of several of our graduate students who have presented their research at two professional conferences already this academic year.  All of these developments speak to the excitement with which we look toward the future.

I encourage you to visit us when you can, whether it is to stop by during Homecoming weekend or to attend one of our public events as they occur.  We are proud of all of our graduates, past and present, and would love to hear what you are doing with your CJ degree.