Dr. Lankford Publishes New Study on Fame-seeking Mass Shooters Worldwide

In his recent study, “The globalization of American mass shootings? An assessment of fame-seeking perpetrators and their influence worldwide”, Dr. Adam Lankford examined fame-seeking mass shooters worldwide who attacked from 1999 to 2022 to identify their profiles, behaviours, influences, and trends.

Quantitative analyses revealed many similarities between fame-seeking shooters in the United States and in other countries: compared to other mass shooters, they were more frequently young and more likely to target schools, commit suicide, and kill and injure many victims. Fame-seeking mass shooters who attacked outside the United States appeared more likely to have been influenced by American mass shooters than by perpetrators from all other countries, combined. Findings also showed a substantial rise in the number of fame-seeking shooters over time, along with increases in the proportion of mass shooters who sought fame and the average number of victims they killed.

Dr. Lankford and his co-author discuss the implications of these disturbing trends and offer an assessment for the future.