Dr. Adam Lankford’s Research on Fame-Seeking Mass Shooters Cited by the Los Angeles Times

Dr. Adam Lankford’s research on fame-seeking mass shooters was recently cited by the Los Angeles Times. Dr. Lankford has been investigating this motive among mass killers for a number of years. In a current study, he tackles several critical questions: How common is this desire for fame among mass shooters—are there just several notable examples, or does it appear more frequently? Are there significant differences between the offenders who seek fame and those who do not? And what are the long term social implications of fame-seeking as a motive for these crimes? Given what is known about trends in American culture and American media, is it possible to make accurate predictions about the frequency and characteristics of future mass shootings?


To read the Los Angeles Times’ story, click here: “For Mass Shooters, Achieving Fame — or Infamy — is a Frequent Driver.”