Bronwen  Lichtenstein

Professor | Graduate Program Director

  • (205) 348-7782
  • 430 Farrah Hall


PhD, University of Canterbury, 1996

BA, Hons (1st Class), University of Canterbury, 1992

BA, University of Canterbury, 1991


Research Interests

HIV stigma, social determinants of mortgage foreclosure

Selected Publications

Weber, Joe and Bronwen Lichtenstein. (Forthcoming, 2015). “Building Back: Stratified Renewal after an EF-4 Tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.” City & Community 16:

Barber, Brad W., and Bronwen Lichtenstein. (Forthcoming, 2015). “Support for HIV Testing and HIV Criminalization among Offenders under Community Supervision.” Research in the Sociology of Health Care, 33:

Melendez, Michael, Bronwen Lichtenstein, and Matthew J. Dolliver. (Forthcoming, 2015). “Mothers of Mass Murderers: Exploring Gender Blame through an Application of Courtesy Stigma to the Columbine and Newtown Tragedies.” Deviant Behavior 36:

Lichtenstein, Bronwen. (Forthcoming, 2015). “Corinne Squire’s ‘Living with HIV and ARVs: Three-Letter Lives.’” Contemporary Sociology 44:

Lichtenstein, Bronwen and Joe Weber. (2015). “Women Foreclosed: A Gender Analysis of Housing Loss in the American Deep South.” Social & Cultural Geography 16(1): 1-21.

Lichtenstein, Bronwen, Kathryn Whetten, and Casey Rubenstein. (2015). “Notify Your Partners – It’s the Law: HIV Providers and Mandatory Disclosure.” Journal of the International Association of Providers in AIDS Care,13(4),372-378.

Prohaska, Ariane and Bronwen Lichtenstein. (2014). “Losing a Home to Mortgage Foreclosure: Temporary Setback or Chronic Stressor?” Social Justice: A Journal of Crime, Conflict & World Order 40(3):67-82.

Lichtenstein, Bronwen and Stanley L. Brodsky. (2014). “Moving from hapless to hapful with the problem defendant.” The Jury Expert 26(1), 1-7.

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Lichtenstein, Bronwen and Jamie DeCoster. (2014). “Lessons on Stigma: Teaching about HIV/AIDS.” Teaching Sociology, 42(2), 140-150..