Ariane Prohaska

Ariane  Prohaska

Associate Professor | Undergraduate Program Director & Associate Department Chair

  • 205-348-1792
  • 425 Farrah Hall


PhD, University of Akron, 2006

MA, University of Akron, 2001

BA, Baldwin-Wallace College, 1999

Research Interests

Gender inequality, sexual deviance, masculinity, disaster sociology, sociology of poverty


Selected Publications

Prohaska, Ariane and Bronwen Lichtenstein. 2014. “Losing a Home to Mortgage Foreclosure: Temporary Setback or Chronic Stressor?” Social Justice Journal 40: 67-81.

Prohaska, Ariane. 2014. “ ‘Help me Get Fat!’ Feederism and Communal Deviance on the Internet.” Deviant Behavior 35 (4): 263-274.

Prohaska, Ariane. 2013. “ ‘Beyond My Imagination’: Learning the Sociology of Poverty through Service After the Tuscaloosa Tornado.” Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship 6 (1): 19-27.

Prohaska, Ariane. 2013. “Feederism: Transgressive Behavior or Same Old Patriarchal Sex?” International Journal of Social Science Studies 1 (2): 104-112.

Gailey, Jeannine A. and Ariane Prohaska. 2011. “Power and Gender Negotiations During Interviews with Men About Sex and Sexually Degrading Practices.” Qualitative Research 11 (4): 365-380.

Prohaska, Ariane and John F. Zipp. 2011. “Gender Inequality and the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.” Journal of Family Issues 32 (11): 1425-1428. Published online April 4, 2011.

Prohaska, Ariane and Jeannine A. Gailey. 2010.  “Achieving Masculinity Through Sexual Predation: The Case of Hogging.”  Journal of Gender Studies, 19(1): 13-25.

Prohaska, Ariane and Jeannine A. Gailey. 2009. “Fat Women as ‘Easy Targets’: Achieving Masculinity through Hogging.” In E. Rothblum & S. Solovay (Eds.), The Fat Studies Reader.  New York: NYU Press.