Rachel Salter

Cyber Intelligence Analyst


  • MS, Criminal Justice, University of Alabama, 2018
  • BA, Criminology, Mississippi State University, 2016

Research Areas

  • Cyber Criminology
  • Darknet Criminality
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • OSINT Techniques


Ms. Salter is a part-time instructor and full-time Cyber Intelligence Analyst at the University of Alabama assigned to Dr. Dolliver’s darknet team. She holds a Secret-level national security clearance and is currently a Cyber Task Force Officer for the Alabama Fusion Center. Ms. Salter earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Mississippi State University before earning a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama in 2018. Her areas of expertise include investigating various forms of criminality on Tor and Freenet. Specifically, Ms. Salter specializes in research areas focusing on child exploitation, human trafficking, and extremist communities on darknet platforms.

Selected Publications

Salter, R. (2019). Cryptomarkets. In Global Crime: An Encyclopedia of Cyber Theft, Weapons Sales, and Other Illegal Activities (Vol.1, p. 137). ABC-CLIO.

Salter, R. (In Progress). Competing Narratives in the Media: Is Tor Necessary or Evil?