Distance Learning (DL) CCJ Program Information

Due to the University’s altered Spring Break and semester schedules related to Covid-19, the following protocol is now in place:

  • Registration will now start on March 30th.
  • Prior to registration, students can now meet with their advisors via Zoom or email
  • Please check with your advisor regarding appointment scheduling and availability.


Distance learning (DL) students are required to meet with their advisors each semester to select courses and to get their PINs cleared for registration. DL students are NOT required to meet in person; DL students will meet with their advisor via telephone.

Advising Note: Advising is a two-way process. Before your advising appointment, all DL students are expected to conduct your own research to decide what courses you would like to take. DL students who have attended other universities may have had a different advising experience and we hope to easily transition you to this new advising model.

DL CCJ Advisor: Taylor Fisher; tsfisher@ua.edu; (205) 348-1909. Schedule an advising appointment with Taylor by clicking here.


For dates and times of registration, visit the registrar’s website here.

Reminder: DL students will always need to register for “OL” sections in the course catalog. These are designed for DL students. If a student registers for any other course designation they will be removed from the course. Taking main campus courses could result in additional charges made to the student’s account.

Declaring a Minor

Distance Learning students have two options for minors: (1) Computing Technology and Applications or (2) Communication Studies. The requirements for each can be found in the catalog links below.

To process any major or minor changes, please contact Miranda Carlisle (UADistance@ua.edu). Be sure to include the name, CWID, and the change that is needed.

Distance Learning or Main Campus Changes

Any student considering switching to Distance from Main campus (or vice versa) should contact their advisor before making the switch. Changing programs could result in loss of privileges and course offerings.

Additional Information

Two additional points to be aware of:

  1. The College General Education requirements include two writing courses (with a W designation).  We will only be offering one in CCJ, but you can take the second W course in other departments or in your minor. The CCJ writing course will be CJ 230 Social Inequality and Crime and will be offered in Spring 2021.
  2. The College requires 12 upper level courses (36 hours). Six of those courses (18 hours) will come from the CCJ major. DL students should prioritize taking upper level classes in their minor to complete the remaining 18 hours.

Course Search

Finding courses that are specific to DL students can be difficult; the full UA catalog is not offered online. The following directions will help students identify offerings each term for DL students.

To look up classes:

  • Select Term
  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Select all categories in subject (or the department you are looking for specifically)
  • Select “DL/Gadsden” for Campus
  • Select Attribute Type if you want to look specifically for humanities/lit/writing/etc.
  • Click Section Search

DL Course Offerings for Summer/Fall 2020 in the CCJ Department

Summer I (May 27th – June 24th)

  • CJ 100-920 Introduction to Criminal Justice (25 seats)
  • CJ 280-920 Research Methods (25 seats)
  • CJ 430-920 Drugs, Crime, and Policy (25 seats)

Summer II (June 30th – July 29th)

  • CJ 270-920 Corrections (25 seats)

Fall 2020

  • CJ 100-920 Introduction to Criminal Justice (25 seats)
  • CJ 240-920 Juvenile Delinquency (50 seats)
  • CJ 381-920 Statistics (35 seats)
  • CJ 483-920 Law and Society (50 seats)

Upcoming CCJ Courses (subject to change based on department needs and availability):

Academic Year

Semester Course Number

Course Name

2019-2020 Summer 2020 CJ 100 Intro to CJ
CJ 270 Corrections
CJ 280 Research Methods
CJ 430 Drugs, Crime, and Policy
 2020-2021 Fall 2020 CJ 100 Intro to CJ
CJ 240 Juvenile Delinquency
CJ 381 Statistics
Spring 2021 CJ 230 Social Inequality and Crime (Writing).
CJ 250 Judicial Process
CJ 280 Research Methods
CJ 300 Survey of Criminal Theories
Summer 2021 CJ 100 Intro to CJ
CJ 424 Hate Crimes
CJ 483 Law and Society