CC 402: Digital Forensic Investigation

This course is by permission of instructor only and is only taught in Spring semesters. The class has fewer than 20 seats available to undergraduate students, which means it is in high demand each year. Attendance is required and the course is taught similarly to graduate-level courses. As such, enrollment preference is given to (in ranked order):

  1. Current and former JECTF (DF and NIL track) interns;
  2. CC minors who have completed all of the required CC courses.
  3. All other CC minors will be considered for a spot in the class on a first-come first-serve basis.

To request a seat in the class, please email the course instructor with the following information:

  • Your CWID
  • A list of all CC classes you have completed, are in-process with, or will take in Spring
  • If you will be interviewing for a Spring internship position with the JECTF (DF or NIL track), please note that in the email, too.

Please do not expect to be able to register for this course at the time of your registration – the class needs to fill before the course instructor sends in the CWID numbers to be cleared to register. We recommend students register for a back-up class in the meantime that you can drop if you are cleared to take CC 402. This class is an elective class and is not required to graduate, so please don’t make that claim in your email.